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Meeting with the representatives of University of Crna Gora

Meeting with the representatives of University of Crna Gora
Published date: 27.11.2018 00:00 | Author: AKVO

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Meeting with the representatives of University of Crna Gora was held today in the premises of the Agency. The aim of meeting was to define details related to the improvement of the form of student surveys, ESG standards, as well as defining the area and dynamic of future cooperation between the two institutions.
Director prof. dr Srđa Popović emphasized that enhancing the quality of higher education in Montenegro relies on mutual work of Agency and higher education institutions. Also, the responsibilities of the newly formed body, strategic goals, current and future activities are presented. Among other things the topics that were discussed during the meeting were Law on the higher education and it's implementation, implementation of the new study models, processes of accreditation of study programmes as well as processes of reaccreditation of the higher education institutions.
Representatives of the University Crna Gora emphasized pleasure with establishment of the Agency, having in mind that the processes and activities that are under its jurisdiction are of crucial importance for the quality of development when it comes to higher education segment. Also, they presented some of the activities and initiatives that University of Crne Gore overtook in the process of harmonization of the study models with new Law on the higher education but also pointed out the problems that instutution face with in these processes.
During the meeting, upcoming dynamic and mutual cooperation on strengthening capacity in higher education was agreed at the meeting.
Representatives of the University of Crna Gora, who attended the meeting were vice-rector prof. dr Nataša Kostić of the University of Crna Gora and director doc. dr Sanja Peković of Center for Study and Quality Control.